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Together we will build a better Washington

Thanks for visiting my website. I am thrilled to announce my campaign for Lieutenant Governor of the great state of Washington!

When Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen told me he was considering retiring, I put together an exploratory committee to speak with leaders and friends about what experience and qualities they wanted to see in our next Lieutenant Governor. First, they told me they want someone with my 10 years of experience in the Senate and my strong record of bipartisanship. Second, they want someone with my proven leadership to manage our state when the Governor is away.

Leaders I spoke to told me they’ve had enough of the hyper-partisan politics and grandstanding over legislative ‘poison pills’ that keeps legislators in session well after they should have gone home. I’ve proven that you can successfully represent people in this state and create good policy without resorting to D.C.-style vitriol.

As the chief democratic negotiator on the Senate Transportation Committee, I spent the last two years traveling the state discussing the construction and passage of the 2015 transportation package. It is the largest transportation infrastructure investment bill in the history of Washington state and I am incredibly proud of the bipartisan, statewide work we did to make it a reality. These investments are fantastic news for our economy, job creation and public safety.

In addition to serving as president of the Senate, the Lieutenant Governor steers the state government when the Governor is out-of-state or incapacitated. In the past few years the Lieutenant Governor has overseen Washington’s emergency response to the floods of 2009 when I-5 was shut down, the Oso landslide that took 43 lives in Snohomish County and last year’s devastating fires in eastern Washington.

I currently serve in the Washington Army National Guard, where I am a major and serve as Commander of Joint-Forces Headquarters Washington Army National Guard. I am the only candidate in this race who understands emergency management. On-the-job training cannot be the way a new lieutenant governor learns how to manage a crisis.

My goals include elevating the work to fully fund K-12 and higher education, growing the state economy, addressing social and economic inequality and combatting the impacts of climate change – while promoting a civil dialogue in the legislature.

We need someone who represents us and understands what working families go through everyday. I still have to juggle work with family; taking one kid to soccer and the other to a dental appointment while making sure another has filled out his student financial aid form and finished the laundry. All of this and the everyday struggles of having a special needs child. I do this for them.

I look forward to the opportunity to earn you vote.


For campaign updates, please check this site daily and follow me on Facebook or Twitter for up to the minute news. I am excited to be back doing what I love most: working for our state. In the meantime, take a look around my campaign website, and feel free to email me at info@electhobbs.com with any questions or comments.