Working across the aisle

Steve has a record of bipartisan leadership and an ability to reach across the aisle to get things done. Throughout his 12 years in the Washington State Senate, he has built relationships with fellow legislators, both Republicans and Democrats, as well as leaders in business and labor. That is one of the reasons why he is such an effective leader on the challenges we face as a community.

Even the Seattle Times stated, “Hobbs’ skill at collaborating with others while sticking to his principles are good reasons to re-elect him to this Snohomish County swing district.”

The bipartisan leadership Steve has displayed throughout his time in the Senate has brought effective solutions for many issues including transportation, job growth, and education.


Public education is incredibly important to Steve’s family. He attended public schools in Lake Stevens, and then graduated from Everett Community College and the University of Washington, and all three of his children have attended public schools.

Steve believes we need to keep our constitutional promise of making education our paramount duty. That is why he joined with other legislators to fully fund education. Now that the financial obligations have been fulfilled, Steve is committed to protecting those funds and ensuring that they are distributed in an equitable way.


Steve will fight so that our tax dollars are put to work here at home. He has fought against unfair tolling practices and will continue to work hard so that we earn our fair share of transportation projects to account for growth, improve commutes, and keep our roads safe.

A strong and efficient transportation infrastructure is the key to our region’s continued economic growth and success. If Washington state wants to continue to grow economically, it is vital that we address our transportation system and look for ways to reduce congestion throughout our region. As the Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, Steve has fought for hundreds of millions of dollars of transportation investment into our community. He has been instrumental in key projects including:

  • SR 9/SR 204 (Frontier Village) intersection improvements
  • Reconstructing 35th Ave in Mill Creek
  • Funding for a new Snohomish River Bridge
  • Safety improvements along SR 9 & SR 527
  • I-5 interchange improvements at 116th and 88th in Marysville
  • Continuing to widen SR 9

Government Accountability

Steve is committed to finding cost-effective solutions and protecting your pocket book. He understands that tax dollars are your money and has always looked for ways to keep taxes and government costs as low as possible. We have to live within our means and so should our government. This year, Steve voted for a much-needed property tax cut. This reduction in our property taxes for next year while still protecting historic increases in school funding.

City 2019 tax reduction per $1,000 in property value
Lake Stevens $ (0.37)
Everett $ (0.61)
Marysville $ (1.63)
Snohomish $ (1.16)


At the center of Steve’s policy agenda is one simple goal: job creation. He understands that a healthy business economy means real jobs for working families. That is why Steve has worked hard in Olympia to cut the bureaucratic red tape that inhibits small business growth, and to promote reasonable tax breaks and incentives for job-producing companies that have shown a commitment to our state and our families.

Steve recognizes that Washington has long been a hub for some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world, and we must continue to reward businesses with future potential such as aerospace, renewable energy, and life sciences. Steve has always shown a commitment to promoting economic development in Washington State which is one of the reasons why he has received the endorsement of the Association of Washington Business.

Proven Leadership & Hometown Values